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The aim of the Citizens' Agora was to place citizens at the heart of the deliberations and hear about their realities on the ground. Their mission was to answer the question, "What conditions must the ecological transition meet to be just? 

This deliberative civic process brought together 65 citizens, aged 16 and over, from all over Belgium, representing the diversity of the population as much as possible. What made this process special was its inclusive approach. 

Particular attention was paid to the most vulnerable in society, including people living in precarious conditions and those with disabilities. Involving the public, especially the most vulnerable, was intended to democratise, popularise and politicise the debate around the just transition, by highlighting the realities on the ground as well as the difficulties and needs encountered on a daily basis. Citizens came together over four weekends, in Brussels, Ghent, Bois du Cazier in Charleroi and Dison, in places emblematic of past transitions or the current transition. 

This process, which was as productive in human terms as it was in content, led to a number of conditions and recommendations for the implementation of an ecological transition that leaves no one behind. 

In total, the citizens formulated 24 conditions and 47 recommendations. 

These recommendations were presented to the Minister during a closing day when citizens visited the Senate. For one day, on Saturday 25 November, the parliamentary assembly was transformed into a citizens' assembly!

A steering committee was set up to ensure the good governance and independence of the process. The committee was made up of experts in citizen participation, ecological transition and social justice.

  • Nora Allavoine – European Commission
  • Yves Dejaeghere - FIDE and G1000
  • David Farrell - Professor at University College Dublin
  • Mélanie Joseph – Interfederal Combat Poverty Service
  • Soumaya Majdoub – High Committee for a Just Transition
  • Pascale Taminiaux – King Baudouin Foundation